Nuzleaf, #274 – Wily Pokémon

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Nuzleaf live in densely overgrown forests. They occasionally venture out of the forest to startle people. This Pokémon dislikes having its long nose pinched. This Pokémon pulls out the leaf on its head and makes a flute with it. The sound of Nuzleaf’s flute strikes fear and uncertainty in the hearts of people lost in a forest.

Type: Grass/Dark

Category: Wily

Ability: Chlorophyll, which boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat in sunshine. Early Bird, where the Pokemon awakens quickly from sleep.

Hidden Ability: Pickpocket, where the Pokemon steals an item from an attacker that made direct contact.

Weaknesses: Flying, Ice, Poison, Fire, Fairy, Fighting and Bug

Resistances: Water, Grass, Electric, Dark, Ghost and Ground

Immunity: Psychic

Evolutions: Nuzleaf evolves from Seedot starting at level 14, and into Shiftry when exposed to a Leaf Stone.

Height: 3′ 03″

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