Pokkén Tournament DX video review

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Pokémon is officially making its debut on Nintendo Switch with Pokkén Tournament DX this Friday, Sepember 22. Including all the content from both the Wii U and arcade versions of Pokkén Tournament, the upcoming release introduces a vast array of new features aimed at creating the ultimate Pokkén experience. To see what some critics had to say about the game, click here to read several excerpts from reviews. To see what the folks at IGN had to say, check out the video review below:

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Pokémon TCG and Video Game Championship Series competitions take place in Germany and Spain this autumn

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Players from anywhere in the world may compete in Bremen, Germany, on September 16–17 and in Bilbao, Spain, on September 30–October 1 in exciting Pokémon TCG and video game tournaments! Cool prizes are on the line, including trophies, playmats, up to 108 Pokémon TCG booster packs, up to 200 Championship Points, and more. And that’s not all: in Bremen, Pokémon TCG players can win up to $5,000 in cash prizes, and video game players can win up to $3,000 (depending on attendance). The Bilbao event does not offer cash prizes.

The Bremen Regional Championships will take place at the Musical Theater on September 16–17. The Bilbao Special Event will take place at the Euskalduna Conference Centre on September 30–October 1.

In Bremen, the Pokémon TCG competition will use the Standard format, while in Bilbao, it will use the Expanded format. At both events, video game competitors will battle using the…

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Seviper, #336 – Fang Snake Pokémon

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Seviper shares a generations-long feud with Zangoose. The scars on its body are evidence of vicious battles. This Pokémon attacks using its sword-edged tail. Seviper’s swordlike tail serves two purposes—it slashes foes and douses them with secreted poison. This Pokémon will not give up its long-running blood feud with Zangoose.

Type: Poison

Category: Fang Snake

Ability: Shed Skin, where the Pokemon may heal its own status conditions.

Hidden Ability: Infiltrator, which passes through the opposing Pokemon’s barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes.

Weaknesses: Ground and Psychic

Resistances: Poison, Fighting, Bug, Grass and Fairy

Immunity: None

Evolution: This Pokemon does not evolve.

Height: 8′ 10″ Weight: 115.7 lbs

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