Sabbatical (No, not from this blog)…

This is not what I wanted to do this month, everything was planned so perfectly.  I wanted to celebrate and fondly remember, but all the memories have now soured.  I feel like I’m leaving an old friend behind by doing this, but I just can’t take it anymore.  For 20 years, I’ve been a viewer since the beginning on St Patrick’s Day.  Of those 20 years, I’ve spent 11 years watching, 4 years wishing, and 5 more years watching.

But now I’ve decided to take a break from Toonami…

Before anyone says it, no, it’s not because One Piece is getting yanked from the block.  It’s the last straw, but in all honesty what used to be fun has become a chore to get through just to watch 2 shows a week.  Right now, Toonami is in a state where it lacks any real consistency or any punch to engage…

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