Closer look at Buzzwole-GX, Guzzlord-GX, Nihilego-GX and Kartana-GX from Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion

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The opportunity to team up with Ultra Beasts in the Pokémon TCG has finally arrived! Buzzwole-GX, Guzzlord-GX, Nihilego-GX, and Kartana-GX lead the charge in the latest expansion, Sun & Moon—Crimson Invasion. Not only is this the first opportunity to collect cards depicting these mysterious creatures, but the Ultra Beasts also bring a style all their own to the Pokémon TCG.

The Ultra Beast invaders truly feel like cards from a different world. They feature strange attacks and Abilities that add some unexpected new effects to battles, and some of their GX attacks have never-before-seen impacts on Prize cards. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection or create a unique and rewarding deck, Ultra Beasts are worth a closer look.


The hulking Buzzwole-GX’s focus on power instead of trickery makes it stand out from the other Ultra Beasts. Its Jet Punch attack can get your engines flaring in a…

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0215MADman’s Final Thoughts

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the end This is the first and last time you’ll ever see me do this, only because of the Wayback Machine.

First, let me address the elephant in the room: we aren’t disbanding the Swim Squad because our founder, Starstorm, is currently on her indefinite hiatus from the Internet. We’re all responsible adults (actually that’s a false statement, neither I, PersonaSoda or even Starstorm herself for the first few months of the site were adults) and we aren’t collapsing because she’s not here right now to point the way. I think we’re disbanding because, well, we’ve lost the motivation to continue writing for the site. Let’s just run down our members: Starstorm has not been seen online since Trump became president (whether or not that’s a coincidence I don’t care and neither should you). Rob has a podcast over at Surreal Resolution he’s been working on for over half a year. Cedric_Alpha…

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Anime Strike an Unnecessary Nuisance

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First off, I want to make it clear I’m not against more competition in the anime industry. Competition is a healthy thing it’d be rather boring if every show was handed to one distributor/streaming site it broadens the market and manages not to create a monopoly. However, there should be a balance to all of that something Amazon clearly has no idea of. I’m sure anyone who’s reading this has heard of Anime Strike but if not here’s a quick description.

It’s basically Amazon’s streaming platform for anime sounds reasonable enough but that’s before taking into account you need a prime membership (a year costing 100 dollars and a month costing 11 dollars) and on top of that an extra 5 dollars a month. That’s the main issue to take away from it Amazon is charging you more a year for anime than Aniplex does with their home video release…

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One Piece Double Recap: Episodes 382 & 383

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This was suppose to be a tiny break from me. Just wait for this filler to be done. Get these three out the way, and wait for the stat of one of the better One Piece arcs to start. Unfortunately, as seen last Friday, that won’t happen now. As you may or (somehow) may not have heard, One Piece is leaving the Toonami block for good. Although, Jason Demarco and co. have said that we should never say that One Piece won’t be returning to Toonami in the future, let’s be real. It’s still far behind where it is in Japan, the ratings have sucked (although, it’s good for 2:30 AM on a Saturday, but tell that to the higher ups.) And quite frankly, it wasn’t going to get any more casuals than it already was. Me and basically everyone knew that One Piece wasn’t gonna last forever on Toonami. But to see…

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Pokemon Fusion/Mega Evolutions List by Shin

Shin Art

Pokemon Mega Evolution Art :

  1. Dragon-Type Eeveelution : Click here
  2. Mega Silvally : Click here
  3. Mega Giratina : Click here
  4. Mega Staraptor : Click here
  5. Mega Zygarde : Click here
  6. Mega Victini : Click here
  7. Mega Ditto : Click here
  8. Mega Nidoking : Click here
  9. Mega Decidueye : Click here
  10. Mega Incineroar : Click here
  11. Mega Flygon : Click here
  12. Mega Noivern : Click here
  13. Mega Primarina : Click here
  14. Mega Togekiss : Click here
  15. Mega Zoroark : Click here
  16. Mega Arceus : Click here
  17. Mega Mimikyu : Click here
  18. Mega Infernape : Click here
  19. Mega Rapidash : Click here
  20. Mega Empoleon : Click here
  21. Mega Torterra : Click here
  22. Mega Umbreon – Dragon Style 2 : Click here
  23. Mega Sylveon – Dragon Style 2 : Click here
  24. Mega Raichu : Click here
  25. Mega Leafeon Style 2 : Click here
  26. Mega Sylveon Style 2 : Click here
  27. Mega Espeon Style…

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