Anime Strike an Unnecessary Nuisance

[swim squad]

First off, I want to make it clear I’m not against more competition in the anime industry. Competition is a healthy thing it’d be rather boring if every show was handed to one distributor/streaming site it broadens the market and manages not to create a monopoly. However, there should be a balance to all of that something Amazon clearly has no idea of. I’m sure anyone who’s reading this has heard of Anime Strike but if not here’s a quick description.

It’s basically Amazon’s streaming platform for anime sounds reasonable enough but that’s before taking into account you need a prime membership (a year costing 100 dollars and a month costing 11 dollars) and on top of that an extra 5 dollars a month. That’s the main issue to take away from it Amazon is charging you more a year for anime than Aniplex does with their home video release…

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