One Piece Double Recap: Episodes 382 & 383

[swim squad]

This was suppose to be a tiny break from me. Just wait for this filler to be done. Get these three out the way, and wait for the stat of one of the better One Piece arcs to start. Unfortunately, as seen last Friday, that won’t happen now. As you may or (somehow) may not have heard, One Piece is leaving the Toonami block for good. Although, Jason Demarco and co. have said that we should never say that One Piece won’t be returning to Toonami in the future, let’s be real. It’s still far behind where it is in Japan, the ratings have sucked (although, it’s good for 2:30 AM on a Saturday, but tell that to the higher ups.) And quite frankly, it wasn’t going to get any more casuals than it already was. Me and basically everyone knew that One Piece wasn’t gonna last forever on Toonami. But to see…

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