Genre Talk: Magical Girls (Spoilers ahead for a few things)

Thoughts of a Bored Writer

Magical Girls, those often barely-dressed teenage heroines from Japan. I’m here today to talk about them as a genre. They’ve been around for a while, with the most commonly known Magical Girl team being the Sailor Senshi (or Scouts, in the 90s anime), and their leader (the single most overpowered healer in anime),  Usagi Tsukino, AKA Sailor Moon/Super Sailor Moon/Neo Queen Serenity/Sailor Cosmos.

Let me get one thing straight right now – I am a fan of this genre. I have been for years, because I love a good strong female lead in a story. Usagi, while she starts out as a crybaby, grows into her role as Sailor “I’m just gonna blow up this evil planet now with the help of my future child” Moon. Hell, Sailor Moon is one of my all-time favourite series. Yes, even the 90s show…even though that was poorly done. Thank God for Crystal…

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