Huge Update For Fire Emblem Heroes Adds New Tactics Drills, Sharena Webpage And More

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A brand-new update is now available for Fire Emblem Heroes, bringing the mobile game to version 2.7.0 across iOS and Android devices. The latest update implements a number of new features and changes; patch notes from the Fire Emblem Heroes development team are as follows:

Tactics Drills

Tactics Drills has been added as a way to learn the rules of Fire Emblem Heroes as you play.

In Tactics Drills, you will be presented with situations that test your strategy with a fixed set of Heroes that you must use to overcome challenges within a given number of phases. Both your turn and the enemy’s turn are counted as individual phases—so if the map specifies that it must be completed within three phases, then you have your turn, your enemy’s turn, and one more turn of your own to complete the map.

There are three levels of difficulty for Tactics…

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