NIS America Announces The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince For Switch Coming 2019

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NIS America has finally revealed when we can get our hands on the charming The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince. It is coming to North America in 2019 and presumably the release window is the same for Europe. The company also released a brand new trailer for the intriguing title which you can view down below.

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince follows the tale of two lonely hearts brought together through a mutal misunderstanding. In it, you control the wolf, transformed to the guise of a princess who guides the blind princes through a perilous forest in search of a witch capable of returning his sight. The forest is home to a number of hostile beasts intent on ending your journey prematurely, as well as hazardous traps that put the prince in danger. Transform into the wolf to dispatch your foes and guide the prince carefully…

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