Pokemon 2019 For Nintendo Switch Will Let You Use Your Older Monsters

My Nintendo News

Another publication that has managed to get an interview with Pokemon director Junichi Masuda is GameSpot. The site wanted to ask Mr. Masuda about its plans for the “core” Pokemon title which is in development for the Nintendo Switch and is scheduled for 2019. Mr. Masuda said this about Pokemon 2019, “We do have plans to find ways to let players use their Pokemon in the next game.”

“We’re definitely always thinking of that kind of forward-moving functionality, especially since we’ve introduced Pokemon Bank. Now, up to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you’re able to store your Pokemon, and we know they’re very important to everyone. I mean, obviously, people would be very sad if they couldn’t use their Pokemon in a future game. So, it does get complicated when you talk about the details and we’re still figuring it out, but we do have plans to find ways to let players…

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