Mario Segale, Mario’s Namesake, Has Passed Away At The Age Of 84

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Long ago, in 1981, Nintendo of America was renting a Tukwila warehouse. The landlord of this warehouse was Mario Segale. At this time, Donkey Kong was on the way. Mario was known as Jumpman and Pauline was known as Lady. However, Nintendo was looking for proper names for these characters. Pauline got her name from the wife of a Nintendo of America employee. Mario got his name from Mario Segale.

Sadly, Mario Segale has passed away at the age of 84. According to Kotaku, he was “surrounded by his family in Tukwila, Washington”. Kotaku says that his obituary describes him as “someone who loved hunting, fishing, his airplane, and his view of the Puget Sound”. The obituary also says that “while he was the inspiration for the name of Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario’ from when they were tenants in his business park in the 1970’s, he always ducked the notoriety and…

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