Early and unused Pokémon designs reveal mecha Pokémon, balloon Pokémon, platypus Pokémon, Cubone-like creature, mini Blastoise and more

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A plethora of early Pokémon designs recently surfaced online, courtesy of the Pokémon historians at Helix Chamber. The latest batch offers another look at early and unused Pokémon that include the following (with Helix Chamber’s made-up names):

“Ohmega,” which was a Kaiju-meets-mech a la Mechagodzilla:

Ohmega from the Pokémon beta

“Bloonder,” a sentient, fighting balloon Pokémon:

Bloonder, the balloon Pokémon

And “Weirduck,” which Psyduck could have evolved into before transforming into its canonical evolution, Golduck.

Weirduck from the Pokémon beta

A pair nixed monsters called “Guardia” and “Totartle.”

“This is the one we were all very shocked by,” Helix Chamber wrote of Guardia, which resembles a Marowak holding a baby Pokémon. “The common fan theory that Cubone is a baby Kangaskhan came true, in a twisted sort of way; now it seems like they were always meant to be linked together. In the end, Guardia would have become a loving parent to its baby Cubone, maybe even having adopted it (after all, it still…

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