An Open Letter to Defenders of John Kricfalusi

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The following is an open letter to defenders of John Kricfalusi as well as those who’ve minimized his actions, particularly Ron Cicero, Kimo Easterwood (directors of the documentary Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren and Stimpy Story), and Kricfalusi’s old friend Chris Gore, who made some appalling remarks on the Film Threat podcast:

To those who’ve heard about, read about, or otherwise know about the recent revelations about John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy, having had a “relationship” with former childhood fan, Robyn Byrd, starting when she was 14: If you call what happened “consensual” and “not as bad as Harvey Weinstein, because she lived with John K., because therefore least it wasn’t rape,” then you don’t know dick about what’s going on. You also don’t know dick about the concepts of consent, abuse, and underage grooming.

I can’t speak to whether it was Robyn or one…

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